My Ninja Way is to Go Beyond

Everything that follows is true.

As far as I know.

Back before the Great Interregnum¹, During the time of kings, 3 divided the world among themselves. They were known as “The Big 3”.

The secret to their success lied in a simple discovery. Their parents had taught them that if you describe to people a better version of themselves, they instinctively begin to change to become that. Many leaders throughout history had done this for individuals, even crowds. However, due to the nature of The Big 3, they were able to touch many many more. In fact, a whole generation would be influenced by these kings. Even the one child whole may rise up as the new king and end this interregnum…

But it wouldn’t have been possible without 1 specific king. For you see this king had managed to condense all his teachings into 3 words. Of course, these words of immense power were hidden in a maze of less important words. That’s just they way things were destined to go. The Prophecy² stated such. It dictated that 2 of the 3 would die when they had outlived their usefulness, but that they would be squeezed dry of all they had to offer till then. 1 king would die prematurely before his finale policies could be enacted³. The other would lose his mind and touch slowly over a very long time. Now only one king remains alive from that era, barely holding on to his title. But he would last for still quite some years.

Yet he alone wasn’t enough to rule. As the Prophecy stated a great battle began for the spot next to the old king. Many new challenges emerged and fought. Some worthy successors struck down too early by fate. Mediocre and even evil challengers fight to this day. But the words survived. Almost none can unlock the true meaning, however. Many pretenders tried, getting completely fooled by the surrounding words. They were too well hidden in plain sight.

But one did, and now he stands above all the others. One who not only remembers the lessons of the old king but has sought to IMPROVE on them. For he has condensed the original king’s code into 2 new words that are a better fit for the time. These words are set to change the world and become the most important in the operating system of human beings. These words move mountains, fed the hungry, and defeat evil in all its forms.

Perhaps far far in the future, some king will come to improve even these words. But I doubt it, because I believe you will never see more beautiful and powerful words.


Go beyond Plus Ultra

  1. A period of time when leadership is either unclear or influx (Both in regards to shounen jumps imo)
  2. Referring to heads of shounen jump magazine, all the ones who decide what gets cut and when
  3. It’s Bleach, I’m talking about Bleach here
  4. If you were still wondering what 3 words I was talking about it’s the last 3 here:

my ninja way

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