Did Togashi Bring True Love Back to Shounen?

Disclaimer: Yes this post is heavily influenced by nerdwriter’s “did Shakespeare invent love“. However I feel this piece will be much more accurate than his, actually hold true, and is different enough an idea to warrant some legit borrowing end Disclaimer

“Yeah dude, it’s crap like that which is exactly to what I have an aversion nowadays with the modern “shounen fighting theme” that lacks romance. If that’s how it’s gonna be, sorry to have to disagree, almost entirely, but I say it has no potential at all. ”

That’s a quote from CoedeSaru/Codemonkey on disqus. More commonly just know as CM. He runs Anilinkz, my personal go-to site for streaming anime. And CM’s an interesting guy, to say the least. He’s a big reason why Anilinkz is the way it is for better or worse. He’s also a genius cynic with two Doctorates and a Surgical Ph.D who isn’t afraid to…let’s say “share his knowledge with the less versed”. He hate’s the current state of modern human society and culture, believing it perfectly mirrors the decline followed by the Fall of the Roman Empire, in the Age of Decadence. He’s also on the older side I imagine (no exact age range known) as he’s been watching anime for more than 30 years(his first series being Macross), with well over 2000 series to completion and liked or loved about 2/3 to 3/4’s of them. This is all to say, his comments crushing all who oppose him or step out of line on his site are utter gold. He is the second biggest reason Anilinkz is my main streaming site and he’s the near polar opposite of myself.

So why does this comment bother me so much? consider-the-following-11-jpg

To be clear

Just to cover all my bases here I’d like to first say as matter of security Cm if you somehow find this please don’t kill me I only know all this cause I sometimes go on disqus just to binge read your comments I mean no offense pls god have mercy

Everything from this point on is my own, as CM would say, low-level retard, Special Olympics, pond scum floating in the great Sea of humanity opinion. The only reason I haven’t been banned from the site is because after years of using it I know what to avoid doing or saying to prevent a gunshot wound to the dick. As I said I’m near polar opposite to CM so not stepping on his toes with my FAIL even if he has near no chance of seeing this and it’s not on his site is priority #1. So to be precise I am THE product of the modern education system and I can not compare in any field especially life experiences to CM.

I’m not saying this because I lack confidence in my ideas or because I don’t actually believe all the things I do. But CM=Grim reaper * Again no offense I love your site and I’m not just saying that cause I’m literally shaking while writing this really also pls don’t read anything else I this blog I’d greatly prefer not to get ass raped oh wise one pls I’m a lost cause you have better things to do with your time I swear *

Back to the real post

I don’t know how pervasive CM’s issue with the general anime watching community is (little if I was forced to bet), and out of all the things I’ve disagreed with CM about I don’t know why this stuck out but I felt the need to address it even if just for myself here.

To start by clarifying (I keep using that word today) his stance on modern shounen battle*Modern I’m guessing is everything past the early 2000’s if not earlier*, it is that the genre can all be boiled down to over glorified pissing contest if there is not a clear romantic subplot going on which as of recently there have been very few of such shows with those subplots. He claims this is because the editors at Shounen Jump, the biggest publisher of manga in this genre that gets adapted, is intentionally putting yaoi elements in without actually making characters gay in order to draw in that market. He has good evidence for this so I’m not going to argue that point and obviously I myself still very much enjoy the genre regardless. So I again find myself asking why I take such particular issue with the top statement.

I think it’s because deep down for a long time, subconsciously, I’ve had the same gripe if less toned down. I think it’s because at a critical moment a series came along and reminded me what a SB with romance could really do.

I think, Togashi brought love back to shounen. meruemxkomugi-hxh135-gungi*pls cm if your somehow found this and somehow still here leave now ’cause this where the dickriding begins*

True Love

Togashi had been married for a good while when he wrote the chimera ant arc. He was in the middle of writing it in the mid-2000’s and officially finished it in 2012 (volumes 18-30). He most likely knew about the struggles of fellow mangaka who were married such as Kishimoto who didn’t even get to on his honeymoon until after he finished naruto. He of course understood the amount of passion it must have took not just of his friends who continued this for the love of their craft, but of the wives, of HIS wife for sticking with and putting up with all this. He must have known what the editors at jump were pushing. He had to have noticed the trends. And I think the chimera ant was a response to (among a myriad of other things) that. More specifically in this case, the romance between Komugi and Meruem was a response to that. “They weren’t main characters” you may say. They were THE main characters in the arc. Only Netero himself matched them in utter importance. Togashi was making a statement with this romance I’m convinced. It wasn’t just thematical as masterful as his writing is. He brought the shounen battle manga and possibly anime scene into his mind, at a critical moment, dissected it, thought it through, and expressed his solution for all of us, in elegant, beautiful panels. ill-join-you-soonhe-died-for-our-sins

“When new worlds are birthed from older failing ones, new logics fill the vacuum from pieces made of the old, it takes an imagination of a truly great stature to see and think through-in essence create-the principles by which the rest of us can live our lives in the new world.” -Nerdwriter

In essence and as you know it, Togashi brought back love to shounen jump.

In closing

What do you guys think? Am I on the nose or am I reading to deep into the details? let me know in the comments because I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Also if you feel so inclined pls join the Shounen Hell Discord for all your shounen loving needs: https://discord.gg/KX8d3W7



3 thoughts on “Did Togashi Bring True Love Back to Shounen?

  1. This felt like a very good introduction to something which wasn’t there. I mean, I can try filling the blanks, did you meant that Meruen’s having a change of heart, and seeing the meaninglessness of conquering the world, instead appreciating his love for his significant other; mirrors that of Mangakas forgetting to do just that? Oh man, If that is what you meant with your post, what a great interpretation. It just feeds with more meaning this relationship, that talks about religion, politics, and now his and his colleague’s personal love lives.

    I guess I just found a new site to stream anime, thanks. I’m looking up this CoedeSaeru guy, a lot of interesting comments to read. Where are the posts where he talks about history and shit?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. He comments from time to time, especially at the beginning and end of a season with announcements. You can click on his name and look though all his comments and you’ll see what I’m talking about here 🙂 (glad you found a new streaming site too!)


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