Changes: Analysis in a brand new world order

It’s time to start this blog in a new cyberworld, from zero (I’m starting to realize anime title parodies are my thing XD ).

Hope you all have been well. Between school and elections I’ve been better but we’re not hear to talk about politics!

…well except we are kinda…

Now don’t worry I’m not gonna speak any further on the elections. But I am writing to inform you all in the shift this blog will be making to include covering geopolitics and politics in general. Don’t worry about me stopping anime and manga analysis, especially that of shounen battle. But I can no longer keep my passion on these topics in check!

Studying geopolitics and politics in general is a big hobby of mine, though I’m a novice at best. I feel writing about it will not only allow for me to indulge in it more in a productive way, but I’ll also hopefully be able to learn from others! I’ll also probably end up posting whatever else is greatly taking up space in mind. Please don’t feel betrayed. A blog that tackles both anime and politics might be interesting!

Anyway next post is a comparative piece on Iron knight and Red Sprite!


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