Problematic values & The Ubermensch: A response to zeroreq011 (part 1)

“…No, not a bad dream, a good reality”- Subaru Natsuki


I want to make my intentions clear right here and now before I get started. My goal is NOT to convince people what to believe. Nor is it to say that others shouldn’t try to convince people what to believe. I have neither the skill nor desire to convince anybody of anything. That being said I too have my own beliefs and values that I wish to share if only to process my own emotions. Overall I find the values that zeroreq011 tries to promote in his recent re:zero post and believes questionable and disrespectful at best and problematic and dangerous at worst. So that everything is on the table and you the reader can understand where I’m coming from you should know I’m a utilitarian if nothing else. I want the most happiness for the most amount of people. In practice this usually means I don’t want restrictions(moral or otherwise) placed on people unless those restrictions result in more freedom and thus happiness for more people (for example I don’t believe in the ban on drugs or prostitution). While this does not mean I think restrictions are bad, (on the contrary, there are what I believe are the correct type of restrictions and regulations that result in more overall freedom and happiness, such as the regulation of legal hemp and prostitution in Holland resulting in near non-existent crime in those categories)  or that freedom is the end all be all of universal happiness, it’s pretty much a fact the more people (at least believe) they are free the happier they will be. Should morality be based on how happy it makes everyone? There are schools of thought debating this but when I criticize someones morals or values/beliefs, this is the angle I’m approaching from.

Why Subaru IS the Ubermensch!

So before I start the assault on zeroreq011’s ridiculous value judgements in the next post (Sorry I wanted 1 full response post but I couldn’t fit this in with all my other talk of feminism and polygamy and whatnot) I wanted to very quickly address here why Natsuki Subaru IS the Ubermensch!(in the anime at least I’m not going to get into the stupidity of using the outside source material to critic the show. Partly because I refuse to spoil myself over what is most likely an idiotic argument anyway and partly because as a genius named Jeko (you may have heard of him) once said “Fundamentally, spoiling yourself beyond the adaptation’s scope to then say the adaptation’s ending is wrong is just silly.” )

So we first need to define an ubermensch. To reduce it to an INCREDIBLE degree (seriously read some tvtropes and then actual Nietzsche to get a proper more in-depth understanding) it is a person who overcomes the thought experiment of time as a flat circle, thereby choosing to come to terms with a reality that never gets better and is ones worst possible dream, and continues to go on to embrace living and enjoy this life over and over again. Now I don’t know if this was consciously thought-out by the author or if it’s a coincidence but this is EXACTLY what Subaru does in the story! He even say’s so himself! (see quote at the top)

Now admittedly it’s not actually one to one comparable but it’s pretty damn close considering allllllll the things Subaru has to change in order to change the timeline and the personal evolution he must go through to do so. And he is a better person as a result. He has become the ubermensch.

But that’s all I have to say about That topic (its admittedly a sore spot for me). Please check out my other post about re:zero and expectations where I explain more why I think he is the ubermensch. Next week comes the ethical boxing match so stay tuned for that! And check out my man jeko’s comment on zeroreq011’s post to get a hint of what’s to come next week!





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