Flat circles and how they (r)evolve

“The only way to truly escape the mundane is to Constantly be evolving.”-Izaya Orihara

Do you like the pun?

So recently I’ve been reminded of the idea of “time as a flat circle”, a concept about time looping back on itself over and over again, originally based on Fredrick Nietzsche’s thought experiment of Eternal Recurrence  (check out this wisecrack video on it ). The experiment ask “what if every detail of your life would repeat over and over again?” Nietzsche called it the formula for greatness as he saw it as a test of ones character. The person who can go through that even knowing it will never get better is the Ubermensch (Which roughly translates from German to “Superman” or “Overman”). Being the Ubermensch is a pretty good gig to say the least but how does one achieve that state? Well you could read Nietzsche and find out *snore* or I can just tell you right here! (Note: the methodology I’m describing is just my interpretation of how one can reach such a state and as such in no way accurately reflexes Nietzsche’s specific views or beliefs). Disclaimers out of the way lets get started!

Starting life from zero & constantly evolving

If we take Izaya’s quote at face value we can assume one of the best ways (I believe in more then one way) to become is to constantly be evolving. While intensely suffering everyday is something that might keep you from reaching Ubermensch status (and how to deal with suffering will be covered sometime in the future) an even more pressing and universal hangup is living a mundane life. Most people who say they wouldn’t want to live the same boring life over and over. But we are already aware thanks to Izaya how to escape such a fate, so now the question becomes “How do I do that?”. Simple: You start your life over from zero ever chance you get.

For those who are fans of Re:zero you know where I’m getting at but for those who aren’t in the show the mc without spoiling anything, fucks up alot. He has exceptions for how things will go and should be and when his actions don’t result in meeting those exceptions bad things happen and he gets depressed to say the absolute least. It is only when he begins letting go of his old self, his old bias, his old exceptions, and started adapting to the world as it truly did he begin to do much better for himself. It’s not that he’s given up entirely on his idles but rather he will now be engaged with the act of trying to achieve them and not just the end result of getting what he himself wants (he also becomes less self-centered and selfish which is a big part of his success but not a requirement for becoming the Ubermensch). This in essence is starting life over from zero and by doing this constantly we can take our first step each day to evolving a little more 🙂

So what are your thoughts? Did you agree with my low key analysis of rezero’s main theme? Do you even agree with Izaya’s notion (He’s not exactly the best role model and Drrr! itself point’s this out)? Leave a comment and let me know what you think!

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